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تعلن مدارس البيان أن يوم غدٍ الأربعاء الواقع فيه ١٦ نيسان ٢٠١٤ يوم دوام عادي لكافة المراحل والصفوف

A warm welcome from ALBAYAN SCHOOLS, the place where students develop their skills and find true education; the place where students learn, play and work together. We hope that you will find the website useful and informative in which you get a clear overview about our school life. You can see tomorrow's generation through the eyes of our students whose ambitions never end.

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Some people start their day with a song. Others listen to music. But the best are those who start their day with a "WISDOM".

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Ali Nazha

Congratulation! Ali Nazha Marathon-10km winner